Printing with PASS!!!

Jun 10, 2013

I have been using PASS for a couple years now. The program allows my clients to instantly view, share and download their images with one click. It is so easy to use for both photographer and client and the feedback I have gotten has been great. Well, a couple days ago, PASS just got better! It now has a print feature!!!

I give all of my wedding clients the rights to print their images wherever they like, and have done so for a long time. I love giving my clients the freedom to print their images to their heart’s content. The only downfall was that most of the standard consumer print labs (costco, walgreens, walmart, etc) do not produce a quality print that I believe my clients deserve. Now through the PASS program, my clients can order professional quality prints at a consumer lab price with just a few clicks! Three print sizes at simple, affordable pricing: 4×6- $1.00 5×7- $2.00 8×12: $4.00 Let me show you how it works :)

Let’s check out Nina + DJ’s gallery. This is what the gallery looks like when first accessed.

To order prints, simply click on the image you’d like to order, then click the photo icon on the right side of the screen.

Then choose size and quantity for the image selected and either ‘keep shopping’ or ‘view cart’. Clicking the back button in the top left will take you back to the main gallery.

When you go back to the main gallery, it will show you which images you have selected to print so that you can easily keep track. Awesome, right?!

And when you’re ready to check out, click ‘view cart’ and then click the arrows under ‘print cart’

Then ‘checkout now’ and your prints will be on their way! Are you as excited as me about this?!!! Start printing in quality, my friends :) xoxo



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