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Dec 31, 2011

My top 11 SKP memories/accomplishments of 2011

1. Shooting my promo video

THIS. WAS. AWESOME. I had dreamed of having a promo video for over a year. When I found Kale Fitch, I knew he HAD to be the one to shoot it. His talent is ridiculously awesome and he has a personality to match. During our first day of shooting, I remember looking around at everyone that was involved and thinking….’wow, I can’t believe this is all for me!’. I felt so blessed to be able to reach this milestone in my business and share it with such wonderful people. If you haven’t seen my video yet, check it out HERE.

2. Changing my business name from SLP to SKP

This was one of the biggest things to happen to my business…EVER! I started my business in August 2009 as Stacy Lynn Photography. About a year into my business, however, I realized there were several reasons why the biz name had to be changed (you can read more about the ‘why’ HERE). The idea of changing my business name was exciting and scary all at the same time, but I’m SO glad that I made the switch. I feel so at home as Stacy Kokes Photography that I almost forgot that I used to be called something else!

3. Rebranding with Emma Robertson

Once I made the decision to change my business name, I knew I had to do it right. It was time to go big or go home! Up until this point I had designed (and redesigned AND redesigned) my logo myself which was a terrible idea, let me tell you! So I hired Emma Robertson, graphic designer, to do my rebrand (logo design + marketing materials). Let’s just say, she NAILED IT! The second I saw the completed logo, I knew it was so perfectly me. Every time I look at my logo/marketing materials, my heart beats a little faster. You can check out Emma’s amazing work HERE.

4. Launching my Showit site

So I had a fancy new business name, a kick a$% video and an ah-mazing new logo…it was time to put that all to use on a sweet website. Of course, I used Showit. They are THE best. I could write an entire blog post on Showit alone, but let me just keep it short n’ sweet by saying I LOVE SHOWIT. With Showit, I was able to design a website that I am completely in love with.

5. Being part of the Jasmine Star Workshop

If you haven’t heard, I have a bit of a girl crush on Jasmine Star. She’s such a remarkable business woman/photographer and I would be on cloud 9 if my business flourished even half as much as hers has. She’s awesome, people! So when Joe + I were asked to model for her workshop, my jaw hit the floor and I immediately replied ‘YES….DUH!!!’ It was so fun being in front of her camera, learning from her and getting to dress up as bride and groom again :).

6. Adding “Coffee Talk Mondays’ to the blog

At the beginning of 2011, I decided I wanted to add in a weekly blog category; something that would keep me actively engaging with my readers and ‘fans’ (I don’t know that I actually have any of those, but nonetheless). Thus came ‘Coffee Talk Monday’. Let me tell you, it has been way more fun than I ever anticipated. The response and feedback that I have gotten has been wonderful so THANK YOU for reading, commenting and having ‘coffee’ with me each week!

7. Getting published on 6 wedding blogs

One of my goals on my ‘101 in 1001 days’ list was to get published on a wedding blog. I was SO stoked when it happened once and am more than honored to have been featured on 6 total. Kim + Devin’s proposal shoot was my first shoot to be published (on two blogs actually) followed by two engagement shoots, a styled shoot and a wedding. Let’s see if I can beat that next year ;)

8. Exceeding my financial goal

Can’t complain about this one, right?! ;)

9. Going to WPPI for the first time

The WPPI Vegas Conference was one of the highlights of my year for sure. I met so many amazing photographers and had WAY too much fun!

10. Speaking at the Phoenix PUG group

Speaking in front of my peers is always something I wanted to do, but it terrified me just thinking about it. This year I had the chance to punch my fear straight in the face when I was asked to speak at the PHX PUG group. Take that, fear!

11. Falling more and more in love with my job

It’s hard to believe, but I can honestly say that I am more in love with my job this year than last. Can’t wait for what 2012 will bring!!!



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  1. LOVE it Stacy. So proud of you and all that God has blessed you with/used you in this year! You are a talented girl, and I’m so proud to now call you my friend! :)

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