Reynolds Family- Milwaukee Family Session

Aug 30, 2011

I adore this family. I have known Krista (mom to the 3 beautiful boys) since I was just a little kid and it has been so fun to reconnect after all these years and spend time with her wonderful family. I had the chance to photograph them last summer¬†and was looking forward to another good work out because these boys are not ones to sit still! They did not disappoint :). They had grown and changed so much in just one year and it was so fun to see their little personalities coming out even more so. This is why I think it’s so great to have family photos done annually. Sometimes parents don’t realize how much has changed in a year’s time until they see it through the photos. This year we were joined by the boys’ grandparents and uncle Matt as well. This family was so completely raw and real which is exactly what I hope for in a family shoot. The result is images that are true to who the family is and what the kids are like, not some “say chesse” version of them. This family is full of life, energy and spontaneity. Let’s meet them, shall we?

Meet the ever-so-cute Mason (the oldest)

Jackson (the middle child): isn’t he SO adorable??

And the baby boy, Carter

I just crack up when I look at these two images with Dustin (dad) holding onto Jackson’s shirt collar. Told ya those boys were on the move!

The whole big, beautiful family

Check out these studly guys!

I finally came up with something that the boys loved: a screaming competition

Even Carter wanted to get in on the fun!

All that screaming tired Cater out…

…but the other two boys were still ready to have some fun!

A bit later, Cater got his second wind…

…but it didn’t last long!

Onto some couple shots :)

Hello gorgeous!

This is what happens after 5 seconds of trying to be serious. LOVE it!

‘Grandma + Grandpa’s turn :)

Of course we had to get some with the boys with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Matt

And one more of the happy family

And that my dears, is a real-life family shoot! xoxo stacy




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