Second Shooting: He seems to like it ;)

Sep 9, 2010

Last weekend Joe & I got to shoot our first wedding TOGETHER. Was I excited? Of course! Was I nervous? You betcha! So many thoughts and emotions ran through me before the wedding. What if we don’t work well together? What if he doesn’t like it? What if he likes it TOO much?! Will this bring us closer together or further apart? Praise God….IT WAS AWESOME! Sharing the wedding photography experience with my husband by my side was amazing. One great thing about shooting with my husband is that we can use non-verbal communication. I could look at him during the ceremony and he knew when I meant “switch places with me” or “make sure you get this shot”. How sweet is that! Having him there just gave me a confidence like I’ve never had before. He makes me stronger. He builds me up. He somehow makes photography even better than it was before. And what did Joe think of all of this? Let’s just say he seemed to have a good time :)



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  1. Kimberly Joiner says:

    I flipping love you two!!!

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