Shara+John :: South Mountain Engagement Session

Mar 28, 2013

Shara + John worked together for 2 years before their friendship blossomed into a beautiful romance. Now they are just a couple months away from becoming husband and wife! These two beauties live in Canada, but decided to step out of the cold and into the desert for their big day (can you blame them?!). Throughout their dating relationship, they have fallen in love with Arizona and everything it offers; the golf, great food, wine bars and of course the sunshine! I had the pleasure of meeting them and shooting their engagement session this week while they visited and ironed out their wedding plans. We drove to the desert and gave them the Arizona backdrop they so desired. It was such a blast!

In Canada, the sport of choice is hockey. They LOVE it! Shara + John are both huge fans….of rival teams! It’s not often you’ll see a Flames fan and a Oilers fan being cordial to one another. It’s even more rare to see them kissing! So they wanted to incorporate their love for hockey into their engagement sesh and show that their love transcends even the biggest rivalries ;)! John also incorporated his love for photography with one of his vintage camera’s that his grandfather gave to him. Shara+John’s session was so perfectly ‘them’ and I was honored that I got to be the one to shoot it. Looking forward to their wedding on 05/11/2013!

xo, Stacy Kokes

Thank you Jesus for these gorgeous yellow flowers in the middle of the desert!

Could they be any cuter? I’m not sure it’s possible!

Workin’ it!



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