Sheryl+David :: Intimate Backyard Wedding

May 1, 2015

If I could think of one word to describe Sheryl+David’s wedding, it would be RECONNECTION. You see, Sheryl and David met in high school and God reconnected them after all these years, knitting their hearts together in love. This wedding was a time for Sheryl+David to not only celebrate their reconnection, but to reconnect with the people in their lives that matter the most. Family and friends flew in from around the country, some that they hadn’t seen in more than a decade. The people that surrounded them as they committed their lives as husband and wife were of utmost importance to them. This was a day to celebrate love; of spouses, of family and of friends. It was also a time of reconnection for me. I know this family from way back in my dance days. Alecia, Sheryl’s daughter, and I were in the same class together. Then, two years ago, I had the pleasure of photographing her wedding day.¬†¬†Getting to see and hang out with their whole family again was a blessing!

Here is a peek into Sheryl+David’s wedding day…






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  1. April Maura says:

    Sweet intimate wedding! I like her gold wedding dress.

  2. Heather says:

    such a perfect backyard wedding, great shots!

you said:

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