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Nov 20, 2015

While at retreat earlier this month, I got to delve into something that has been on my heart for a while. Wholeness Sessions!

The Journey towards Wholeness Sessions

I was first introduced to the concept of Wholeness Sessions through some fellow holy yoga/photographer ladies like myself who were doing something called “freedom sessions”. They have taken their passion for photography and yoga and combined them into a beautiful, freeing experience for those who step in front of their camera. Since first encountering their work, I have had several holy yogis ask me if I offer these types of sessions and my answer was always no. But the idea kept coming back to my heart.

While at retreat, God essentially dropped these right on my lap and said, “You’re doing these!”. Fellow photographer/holy yogi Amy Scott was offering her version of these sessions to the instructors and there was so much interest that there was actually a wait list. So she approached me to see if I would be interested in taking any of these on and it became so clear that the Lord was behind this!

I had the opportunity to do two Wholeness Sessions at retreat in between my other photography responsibilities and they were a gift to my heart. I knew upon returning home that it was time to add these to the collection of sessions that I offer.

The Heart behind Wholeness Sessions

Similar to my approach to Beauty Boudoir sessions, my heart behind Wholeness Sessions stems from something far beyond the images themselves. One of my greatest missions in life is to help people step into freedom and wholeness in their lives. With that purpose in mind, I believe that I am to use the gifts and talents God has given me to pursue that mission. Photography and yoga are both powerful tools that allow me to connect with people in a deep way. There is a trust and bond that happens when someone steps into my yoga class or in front of my camera.

A Wholeness Session is a yoga photography session that focuses on providing freedom, love and wholeness in your beautiful body, heart and mind. It doesn’t require doing the craziest yoga poses or wearing the coolest yoga clothes, rather it’s about finding freedom in YOUR body through movement and capturing the beauty of that journey. Yoga after all, is a¬†practice¬†not perfection. The result are some beautiful yoga images that represent the deeper work that happens within as well.

What happens at a Wholeness Session?

As I mentioned, a wholeness session combines my love for teaching yoga and my love for photography. So when you come to a wholeness session, you get to experience a little of both! We head out to a cool location, I throw on some great music and I guide you through different yoga poses from behind my lens while also guiding through some of the deeper heart work!

Here is a peek into Stacey’s Wholeness Session!




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