Stacy Kokes Photography: the promo video of awesomeness

Apr 19, 2011

My business has definitely become “my baby”. At times it felt like my baby would be an infant forever, but before I knew it, it began to grow. Like most parents, I get excited when “my baby” reaches a new milestone, so today we are celebrating. For a long time, I have dreamed of having a promo video; something that would allow potential clients to see what the Stacy Kokes Photography experience is all about. While it still seems surreal, this goal has finally come to fruition.

I had been on the look-out for a videographer to shoot my promo video, but just couldn’t seem to find “the perfect fit”. I needed someone who was not only talented in their field, but someone who would “get me” as well. I perused websites of videographer after videographer only to be left quite underwhelmed. That was until I saw Kale Fitch Productions. My first thought was “WOW! Now THIS is the kind of talent I had been looking for.” Kale is a wedding videographer based out of Utah and one of THE most talented artists I have ever met. I contacted him immediately, we chose a date and got started on planning the big shoot. Just from seeing his work, I was completely confident that he would rock the shizzle out of my promo video. His talent can only be topped by one thing: his awesome personality. Everyone ¬†involved in the shoot agreed: Kale was!

The day of the shoot felt so surreal. I woke up feeling anxious and excited and even said to Joe “I feel like it’s my wedding day!” Yea, I was THAT excited. I wanted to look my best (duh), so I called two of the most talented girls I know: Ashley Nicole (makeup artist extraordinaire) and Jolie Luna (FAN-TABulous hair stylist). Thanks to these two beauties, I looked WAY better than I ever could have on my own. I was all “dolled up” and it was time to get started on the one thing I was really nervous about: the interview. OH. MY. GOSH….I was SO nervous. Having that camera on me while I spoke was definitely nerve-racking. Kale was so patient as I would start talking, then say something like”wait…I don’t like that. can I start again???” over and over and over again! The whole thing felt like a blur and all I remember thinking was “what did I even say? I can’t even remember”. One thing’s for sure, it definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me a better idea of how my clients might feel in front of the camera. Once the tough part was over, it was smooth sailing as I got to do what I do best: photograph love. Two amazing couples, Jared+Shanda Wallace and Jeff+Marissa (soon-to-be) Atkins, were my fabulous models for the video. I could haven’t chosen better people. They rocked it!

There was a moment during Jared+Shanda’s shoot when I looked around and saw Joe, Kale, Jared + Shanda and thought “Wow! These people are all here for me?” I felt so humbled. so blessed. so loved. It wasn’t even two years ago when I came to Joe with a dream, and at the time, that’s all it really was. And then somehow here I was surrounded by amazing people, doing what I love and I saw my dream as a reality like I never had before. I never want to forget what it felt like to take a chance of my dream. I never want to underestimate the power of faith. I never want to forget to thank the people who have loved and supported me through this dream. And I never want to forget how it all started…with a small idea, a lot of passion, an immense about of support and a God who has guided my path every step of the way. Thank you Lord for blessing me beyond measure, thank you Joe for being the most encouraging person in my life, thank ¬†you Jared, Shanda, Marissa, Jeff, Jolie and Ashley for sharing in this amazing time with me. And thank you Kale Fitch for giving me more than just a video but for allowing me to see my dream-turned-reality like never before. Lots of love to you all! xoxo

Here are some behind the scenes photos of the making of the Stacy Kokes Photography promo video along with the premiere at the end. After watching this video I realize I need an intervention. I talk with my hands WAY too much! LOL

Two of the most genuine people you will ever met: Jared + Shanda Wallce

We all matched and we didn’t even plan it!

Kale in the background doing his thang!

Marissa holding on for dear life during the rocky bike ride scene

Jeff looks like he’s totally sure he’s not going to drop Marissa off the back, right? ;)

Kale learned quickly that he needs to look behind him before doing his “fast-paced backwards walk” shot because Joe could very well be lying on the ground behind him. LOL

Dang! I have some sexy clients :)

Showing them some footage of awesomeness.

Awww I miss this. We all had so much fun together!

Without further ado, I present to you the Stacy Kokes Photography Promo Video HERE!!!



  1. Jessica says:

    Stacy – awesome video! Beautifully captures what you do :-)

    -Jessica (Katie and Ben’s friend aka blog stalker)

  2. Kale Fitch says:

    wow you are too awesome for words Stacy! You on the other hand have a way with words, this write up was amazing. And bonus some behind the scenes pictures I didn’t even know about?! Thanks again for having me make this promo video of awesomeness for you :)

  3. AWESOME video, Stacy!!!!! You look GREAT! =)

  4. […] meet Stacy Kokes…the most recent photographer promo video. I absolutely love making these videos, so much creativity, thought and planning goes into them. Stacy is an amazingly talented photographer from Tempe, Arizona and from the first email she sent I knew it was going to be such a fun shoot. Below are some photos (a little behind the scenes) from the shoots in AZ. Also be sure to check out her awesome write up along with more behind the scenes pictures here: Stacy Kokes Blog […]

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