Stacy Lynn Photography-Bloopers Take 1

May 20, 2010

Yesterday I met with a couple photog friends and I was telling them about the things that went wrong at my wedding consultation earlier this week. The three of us were cracking up and Marcus said “You need to blog about this!”. So….here I am swallowing my pride and sharing with the world my imperfections. I give you permission to laugh on my behalf :). Here is goes….

Some of you may know that I now have a SUPER, FanTastic, Kicka@# home office that I absolutely LOVE! It’s not only a wonderful space to work in, it’s also been a place to meet with potential clients to show them some of my work, chat, etc. So I was super excited to have a couple over to talk about wedding photography earlier this week. The home office is at the very front of the house when you first come in the door, so you can still see into the rest of the house. But I usually put up one of those screen dividers to close it off from the rest of the house. I promise this is vital to the story…I’m not just boring you with details for no reason :). My potential clients were set to come over at 6:30pm, which of course is right after dinner so my kitchen was a DISASTER. But I didn’t care…they weren’t going to see it…that’s what the dividers are for DUH! So I left the mess for another time, and got busy with setting up the office to get the mood just right: Candle lit. Check. Computer streaming to the TV. Check. Love-song playlist playing. Check. Don’t forget to have your Iphoto slideshow playing…ehhh I’ll do that later. Fill my new spouted water container. Check. Carry it into the office and AHHHH they’re here already! (This is where I go into frantic mode).

The screens weren’t up yet so right away I’m mortified wondering if they can see into my messy house from their view outside. Oh well I don’t have time to worry about that…stay cool. I come to the door to let them in, then I realize my dogs are still inside…definitely don’t want those crazy animals around my potential clients. So I can see my clients through the window and I’m yelling “Hold on…I have to put my dogs out side!” Great first impression, Stace sigh. So I put Hope outside, but can’t find Faith so I run to the back off the house to the “man cave” where Joe is playing video games…in his underwear! (Sorry honey). Me: “Honey, they’re here already! I need you to put Faith outside!” ¬†Joe: “I don’t have any pants on!” Me: “Well put some pants on!” Oh my gosh, they’re still waiting at the door and the screens still aren’t up. They’ve seen into the mess for sure. Well maybe not…maybe they only can see into the living room. Ok so I’m finally back in the office, I put the screens up and I let the bride & groom in. To my surprise I was greeted with a huge hug from the bride…definitely one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met. Ok maybe this is still redeemable. So I invite them to have a seat on the couch when the groom says “I don’t mean to be a pain, but can I use your bathroom?” Ahhhh then he’s going to see my messy house FOR SURE! I knew I should have cleaned up the kitchen! Me: Sure! No problem. Just down the hall to the right” Gulp. The bride & I talk for a while and she comments on how cute my new water pitcher is. Me: “Thanks! I’m super excited about it. I just got it…can I offer you come water?” Bride: “Oh sure! Honey, we should register for one of these!” (The groom was back by that time obviously). Me: “I got mine from Fry’s for $20! I’m super excited” So I open the spout to pour them a glass of water and….trickle, trickle, trickle. You’ve got to be kidding me! By this time we all just started laughing! Me: LOL “I’m so sorry! Well, if you register for one, definitely don’t get the one from Fry’s. My husband told me to try this out before I used it, but I didn’t.” ¬†Bride: “Haha oh man, that would definitely be something that would happen to me. Don’t worry about it!” So finally with their half-full glasses in hand we sat down and started our meeting!

This was one of the most real, fun meetings I have ever had with a couple. I was able to show them Stacy Lynn Photography uncensored “the Bloopers edition”. And from what I could tell, they appreciated the “realness” of it all. Thanks N&C for giving me one of the most memorable meetings I will probably ever have. I hope to have the chance to photograph your big day! I promise my messy house, crazy dogs or faulty water pitcher won’t be involved :)

My hubby & I being goofy :)



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