Stacy&Joe (yes, that’s us!) Couples Sesh

Oct 11, 2010

I am SO beyond in love with Joe. He is my right hand man in business and in life. He leads me, supports me, encourages me and comforts me as a godly husband should. Obviously, I see the value of documenting our love and jump at any chance to do so. A few weeks ago Joe & I did a shoot for our good friends Brittany & John whom we LOVE photographing. Brittany Janelle is also a photographer so often times we will do “shoot swaps” for one another. When she said she wanted to do photos of Joe & I, I was ALL about it :). I decided to go all out and make a day out of it. So I went to the MAC cosmetics counter at Nordstrom to get my make-up done. Then I headed over to Salvage Salon (read my post about them here) where I got my hair styled by Jess Anderson. Ladies: I highly recommend getting your hair & make-up done before a shoot. You will look and feel extra glamorous and be ready to ROCK the camera. After I was all “dolled” up, we headed out to DC Ranch and got our shoot on! It’s so much fun. I mean, who wouldn’t love being all lovey dovey with the man you love and have it all documented to look back on? Umm amazing! ┬áBrit, thank you SO much for these sweet photos. They mean more to us than we can say :) And without further ado…here are the Kokes in FRONT of the camera. Go easy on us ;)



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  1. Jen says:

    So fun! What a great opportunity to be the subjects for once. These are great!

  2. Kimberly Joiner says:

    OH MY GOSH STACY!!!!!!!!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE PICTURES!!!! Your outfits, shoes, location…. perfect! Your hair! Everything! You are one smokin hot couple! And you have the most beautiful personalities. Next time we shoot with you… I need you to dress me, and I need your friend to do my hair lol!
    Love you!

you said:

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