We are Team Beneath the Olive Tree (BTOT)

At Team BTOT, we are about so much more than great fitness. We can downward dog and lift weights with the best of them, but physical fitness is not the end goal. Hear me out. We LOVE fitness, but here at Team BTOT, we go beyond the physical. We use fitness as our vehicle to tap into something greater, something different. People are thirsty for purpose, community, wholeness, service and faith, so that’s what we strive to bring to each other as a team and to those we serve.



“Mama, what is purpose?” my 5 year old asked me. Leave it to children to get us to think about the big stuff, right?! I stumbled for a minute as I tried to find the right words to explain. “Well, purpose is like a special mission or job that God created you for.” I went on to say that we all have unique roles that we are called to, but that we also have a collective purpose. And that is to love God, to love self and to love others (Luke 10:27). It is from that purpose that everything we do here at BTOT flows from.

Our time on the mat? love God, love self, love others

Our time off the mat? love God, love self, love others

The time we spend together? love God, love self, love others

The time we spend alone? love God, love self, love others

You get the picture. No matter what we are doing, we focus on our collective purpose. And once we realized our ultimate purpose, we were able to create the framework for a movement we are honored to call ours.


At our core, we are about building a community; a place where people can be known and cultivated while we pursue wellness. We believe that life is meant to be shared and that we can rise higher together than we could alone.

  • We come as we are.
  • We keep it real.
  • We don’t pretend to have it all together (because we all know none of us do.)

But we show up. We show up for ourselves and we show up for each other. Sometimes we come to laugh and sometimes we come to cry. We are a community of world-changers, encouragers, comforters and warriors pursuing life to the full in the name of Love. This is our place; a place where we get filled up to go out and collectively pour ourselves out for others. That is what it means to live beneath the olive tree.


We were created as whole beings, but somewhere along the line we started compartmentalizing ourselves. We focus on our body at the exclusion of our mind. Or we express what’s on our hearts, rarely considering how our bodies come into play. But what if we tapped into our wholeness by focusing on cultivating heart, mind, soul AND strength all at the same time? That’s what we do here at BTOT. We approach yoga and fitness from a wholeness perspective and the result is beautiful. Who’s ready to get their wholeness on?!


We believe it is important, good and right to take care of yourself, but at BTOT, we don’t stop there. Remember back to our purpose? Love God, love self and love OTHERS. We believe that we are blessed to be a blessing and that we are to use the blessing of our health and wellness to bless others. So we serve. We serve our families, our co-workers, our neighbors and our community. We are a community for the community. We believe that in serving others, we achieve a type of wellness we never would without.


At BTOT, we offer a unique experience by offering faith-based fitness and Christ-centered yoga classes in addition to our traditional classes.