The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

May 29, 2014

Oh my sweet Bella. How I loved you from the moment I saw your precious face! You mean more to me than my words can utter. I never knew someone so small could teach me so much about life, faith and the love of God. You have grown me and changed me in countless ways and I still am in awe that God chose me to be your mommy. You are more than a gift, you are a blessing in it’s truest form. I love you SO much!

One year ago today, I received an email that changed our lives forever. Below is the first picture I ever saw of Bella and somehow I knew in that instant that I was looking at the face of my daughter. It was as if my heart and hers were already intertwined and the child I had been longing for all these years was staring back at me. And so began our journey towards adopting Bella! I can’t believe that just over a year ago, we didn’t know of each other. It seems as if she has always been a part of us and us a part of her. I can’t even imagine a life without her. She has brought unspeakable joy into our world and is a constant reminder of God’s intimate love for me. God heard my prayers to be a mother all those years and made it so by bringing this precious girl into my life. When I think of all that God had to orchestate to bring the three of us together, I still get chills. When I look at her face and hear her call me “Mommy”, I am continually reminded that we serve a big, mighty, GOOD God!

I will forever celebrate the day that I first learned of you and saw your beautiful face, for my life and my heart will never be the same. Love, Mommy




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