The Pregnancy Files :: 16 weeks

Oct 4, 2015

16 weeks/Second Trimester/the baby is the size of an avocado


Weight gain: The pounds are starting to come! I am now up 2-3 pounds total.

Clothes: Still fitting into my non-maternity clothes. I am stocking up on leggings for the fall and have a feeling that is all I will be living in. Which to be honest, isn’t much different from my typical yoga pants attire. Leggings and yoga pants here I come!


Body/Bump: This week was weird in the bump department. It felt like it shrank but I think that my bloating finally went down and what I was left with is my actual tiny bump. Somedays I love that I still look like “myself” and other days I am impatiently waiting to look really pregnant! I’m trying to live in the moment and embrace each stage exactly as it comes.

Sleep: Naps and I are still good friends. Night time sleep, however, has been getting more difficult. As an avid back-sleeper, I am having a heck of a time adjusting to sleeping on my side. I wake up multiple times a night on my back, grab my stack of pillows, readjust to my side and fall asleep for an hour or so before waking up on my back again.

Enter the Snoogle (pictured below). Not gonna lie, the shape and immense size of this thing creeps me out a little bit. It looks like a cross between a worm and a big turd LOL but based on the wonderful amazon reviews, I am willing to give it a try. It just arrived today, so I’m hoping this is my knight in shining armor that will allow me to comfortably sleep on my side. I’ll keep you updated!


Movement: Still the same response as before. I am definitely feeling little sensations from time to time but I’m just not sure if it’s baby or something else. I’m pretty certain it’s baby even though they say us first-time-preggers tend to not be able to feel anything until 18-22 weeks. I like to defy the odds ;).

Food cravings/Aversions: BACON!!! I have been having the hardest time eating meat but for some reason have had the craving for bacon. After getting the okay from my midwife on Thursday, I immediately went home and made a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. It was glorious!!

Highlights of the week: Would it be bad to say that eating bacon WAS my highlight?! Well, it was one of them but I have better ones. Getting to hear baby’s heartbeat tops that! A strong 140s. My other highlight was FINALLY getting my hair cut and colored. I feel like a new woman!

Fitness/Workouts: I am feeling so grateful to be back at the gym in my pre-pregnant yoga classes. I love being challenged and working with this ever-changing body of mine.



What I’m looking forward to: Bella, baby and I are heading to WI this week and I can’t wait to enjoy the fall weather and show off the tiny bump to the fam. I’m also looking forward to a good night’s sleep via the Snoogle (hopefully!).

Husband update: Joe is probably equally excited about the Snoogle as I am. He is hopeful that it will limit my constant tossing and turning at night that may or may not keep him up all night long! As usual, he is rocking it in the daddy department and this little love has no idea just how blessed they are to have HIM as their daddy! He is going to be so great at loving on him or her just like he is with our Bella!




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