The Pregnancy Files :: 17 weeks

Oct 14, 2015

17 weeks (10/10/15)/Second Trimester/the baby is the size of an onion

Side note: I love this baby, but the thought of onions makes me want to throw up LOL

IMG_6113 (1)

Weight gain: My mom fed me all sorts of goodness while I was back “home” in WI so I was preparing to see the scale tipping this week, but miraculously I only gained a pound/pound and a half this week. I’m up 4 lbs total now. I know one of these days the pounds are going to start piling on, but for now they are slow to show.

Clothes: I got to rock my new leggings and a few maternity shirts in WI this week. This gray one is one of my faves. SO comfy!


Body/Bump: The bump is starting to look like a REAL bump (even though my best friend said it just looks like I have a lot of gas LOL). Every time I see it grow, I am in awe. It is this beautiful reminder that there REALLY is a tiny baby in there. It still blows my mind!

Sleep: I slept great in WI because I was on a spring mattress which I can more easily sleep on my side. The first night I got back in my own bed, I slept horribly, even with the Snoogle and wanted to return it. But last night, I slept gloriously so I’m going to give it at least a week before saying yay or nay to the Snoogle.

Movement: In WI, I experienced cramping sensations rather than flutters, but since I’ve been back in AZ I’m feeling those butterfly kicks again. I am looking forward to when they become more distinct.

Food cravings/Aversions: Mom’s home cooking! My mom made me all sorts of delicious food while Bella and I were visiting and I could not get enough. I always had second (or thirds) with every meal she made!

Highlights of the week: Getting to spend time with my WI family, including my sister who is due just one day before me! This is baby #7 for her, so she’s my go-to for all my pregnancy questions and craziness. I love that we get to experience this together, even from afar.


Fitness/Workouts: I can’t wait to get back into my yoga classes again as I did not work out the entire WI trip. My body is craving it!

What I’m looking forward to: Our ultrasound appointment is in two weeks and I can not wait to see the little one on the big screen!

Husband update: Joe is glad to have his family back since he had to fly solo the week we were away. He tells me I look beautiful all the time and talks to the baby while rubbing my belly. He is rocking the expectant dad role!



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