The Pregnancy Files :: 19 weeks

Oct 25, 2015

19 weeks (10/24/15)/Second Trimester/the baby is the size of a Tomato


Weight gain: No weight gain this week.

Clothes: I can’t wait to wear fall-ish clothes but since it’s still 90 degrees here, short, cotton dresses will have to do!

Body/Bump: I’m feeling great this week and LOVING being pregnant!! This little bump makes my heart sing.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping peacefully aside from the crazy pregnancy dreams I have from time to time. Every night I have a baby/pregnancy/labor related dream, some of which wake me up in the night.

Movement: Okay, I think I’m finally feeling some real, distinct movements! They aren’t that often and they can’t be felt from the outside yet, but he/she is definitely moving in there!

Emotions/Mood: I’ve heard that pregnancy can change your feelings towards your husband, often for the worse. For me, I feel like it’s the opposite. This pregnancy has brought on extra feelings of love, appreciation (and ATTRACTION!) to this great hubby of mine!

Highlights of the week: Making a couple meals that included meat. That’s a milestone for this meat-sensitive gal!

Fitness/Workouts: Still loving and rocking the yoga!

What I’m looking forward to: We’ve been doing a lot of prep work for the gender reveal party in 2 weeks and next week, we get to see our little love on the big screen! (aka the ultrasound)

Husband/Big sister update: Bella has been getting super excited for the gender reveal party and can’t wait to “find out that it’s a girl”.



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