The Pregnancy Files :: 20 Weeks

Nov 5, 2015

20 weeks (10/31/15)/Second Trimester/the baby is the size of a Banana


Weight gain: I am up 7-9 pounds total now!

Body/Bump: I’m LOVING being pregnant and I am excited that people are finally able to tell that I’m indeed pregnant and not just bloated LOL.

Sleep: Unfortunately I haven’t been sleeping well this week, but that’s due to a nasty cold/cough that keeps waking me up at night followed by a bit of pregnancy insomnia. Thankfully, the little love keeps me entertained with kicks while I’m laying awake at 3am!

Movement: This week was a turning point in the movement department. While lying awake in the middle of the night (due to the above), I started feeling kicks stronger than ever before. Then I placed my hand on my belly and BAM! I felt the baby kick me from the outside! I let out an audible gasp, it was so thrilling!

Highlights of the week: Definitely feeling the baby kick from the outside and also getting to photograph the Holy Yoga retreat up in Flagstaff with this little miracle life inside me.

Fitness/Workouts: Since being sick, I have taken a break from my regular workout routine but I was able to sneak in a bit of yoga at the Holy Yoga retreat.

What I’m looking forward to: Gender reveal is on Saturday!! I can’t wait to find out what this little one is. Also, I can’t wait for Joe to feel the baby kick him for the first time. We attempted last night but the little one was being stubborn of course.



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