The Pregnancy Files :: 22 Weeks

Nov 15, 2015

22 weeks (11/14/15)/Second Trimester/baby GIRL is the size of a Papaya (about 8 in/1 lb)


Weight gain: I lost some weight when I was sick and am trying to gain those back so I’m only up 5-7 pounds but I know I’ll catch up soon! I tried to use that “weight-gain” reasoning when Joe asked why I picked all the M&Ms out of the trail mix, but he didn’t let me off the hook. Oops!

Body/Bump: I think I am finally at the point where everyone can tell I am pregnant. The bump is in full force now and I LOVE it!

Movement: Ahhh I am on cloud nine feeling baby girl’s kicks! I get seriously giddy and let out an excited squeal every time she packs a good punch. I feel SO blessed to be able to feel what I have always longed for.

Highlights of the week: Continuing to process that we are having another GIRL! Now that we know, I have been able to start dreaming up the nursery, contemplate her name together as a family and start looking at all the adorable baby girl clothes!

What I’m looking forward to: I’m excited to start decorating her room and finally deciding on a name. We have it narrowed down to two (one that is Joe’s fave and one that is mine). I like them both but just can’t seem to commit quite yet!



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