The Pregnancy Files :: 23 Weeks

Nov 25, 2015

23 weeks/Second Trimester/baby Girl is the size of a Grapefruit

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Weight gain: Right on track! Up a total of 11 pounds now.

Clothes: Still fitting into most of my non-maternity clothes. I never realized how many of my clothes were very maternity friendly already!

Body/Bump: I’ve been feeling a bit “squished” this week. Baby girl must be going through a growth spurt because I definitely can notice that I don’t have as much room in my stomach anymore. I still don’t feel uncomfortably large, just…different.

Sleep: I joke that God is preparing me for less and less sleep for when baby comes because I rarely sleep through the night anymore. Between the heartburn, the potty breaks, the weird pregnancy digestion and overall pregnancy insomnia, I’m no longer the sound sleeper I once was. But it makes me super duper grateful for the nights when I do get good sleep like last night!

Movement: Little lady has dance parties in my tummy on the regular now!

Highlights of the week: We just had a great appointment with my midwife and baby girl is measuring right on target. It’s always great to get that confimration!

What I’m looking forward to: I think we are getting closer to picking her name, so I’m excited for when we officially do! And I am about to order her bedding, so I can’t wait to start decorating her nursery. We are moving Bella into her new “big girl room” next month, then it will be Operation Nursery!



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