The Pregnancy Files :: 24 Weeks

Dec 4, 2015

24 weeks (11/28/15)/Second Trimester/Clover Joy is the size of an ear of corn (8.5in, 1.5 lbs)

IMG_9572 (1)

This week I’ve had a full on “man cold”. You know, the kind where you sound like a man? Nothing about my coughing and hoarseness is girly, that’s for sure! Unfortunately, this makes the third time of being sick in a month’s time. Apparently having a preschooler while being pregnant during cold season makes me an easy target. I joke that my girls are already tag-teaming me. Bella brings home the germs from school and Clover is making sure I get it by weakening my immune system. These two are already taking me down before they even meet hehe!

Being sick has put quite the damper on my yoga routine. Head congestion and downward dogs don’t exactly go well together. I’m hopeful that I can remain well for the remainder of the pregnancy so that I can get back to working on my fitness!

Despite being sick, I’ve still been blessed with keeping up on photography. Clover and I rocked out our last wedding of 2015 this week as well as some holiday sessions. We have a few more sessions on the 2015 calendar and then it’s time to gear up for 2016 sessions!

I have officially reached the point where strangers have been bold enough to ask me pregnancy-related questions. I had two ladies ask me in one day and I was caught off guard both times! I’m not used to people noticing, but now I feel like “I’ve arrived”!


November was such a busy month for us between me traveling for work, Joe traveling for work, hosting Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving, hosting out of town guests, each of us being sick throughout the month and a lot of photography jobs. My hope for December is to slow down and savor the season and my family. This is one of the first years that we are not traveling anywhere for Christmas and I am craving that time alone with my little family. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones or the fact that I know that we will only be “just the three of us” for a little while longer, but I’m feeling the need to soak up all the time with Joe and Bella I can. Joe will get two weeks off for work over the season and we plan on relaxing and enjoying life as three to end out 2015.

We’ve already been able to enjoy some of the Christmas spirit by watching Hallmark movies on the regular, picking out our annual ornaments and decorating our Christmas tree.


Joe makes it a point to pick out the most ridiculous ornament he can find for himself each year. Born to Sparkle, baby! IMG_9563IMG_9565IMG_9566IMG_9568

Also ahead, Bella will be switching to her new “big girl room” in the next week or so and then we will begin to transform her current room into Clover’s nursery. Looking forward to savoring the changes ahead!

Tomorrow, I’ll be 25 weeks. The third trimester is already so close!



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