The Pregnancy Files :: 25 Weeks

Dec 11, 2015

25 weeks (12/5/15)/Second Trimester/Clover Joy is the size of a cauliflower (11-13 in, 1.7 lbs)

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I am LOVING the weather this week. Clover and I actually did a bit of sunbathing. Yes, I know it’s December but this Arizona sun is still quite warm. No, I didn’t bust out my swimsuit (I’m not that cray cray) but I did do some sports bra/bare belly action in the backyard. I figure I better get her used to the sun sooner than later!


In other news, I can finally start to breath again! My cold is finally clearing up which means I’m starting to feel more like a human than a zombie AND that means I can bust out some deep yoga breathing again. Hooray! I still haven’t ventured to the gym because

1. I’m a bit nervous to get my butt kicked in class since it’s been a few weeks


2. My germaphobic self worries about sending Bella into the childcare area during cold and flu season. She already brings enough germs home from preschool!

So my current solution? Backyard yoga! I am happy to say that I can still bust out crow pose at 25 weeks preggers, but my hold time is much, much shorter!


Can I just say how excited I am that I get to be a mom of girls?! Each day I get more and more thrilled thinking about my girls getting to experience the joys (and fights!) of sisterhood. My two big sisters are such a blessing to my life and now my girls will get to experience that as well.

Bella loves touching my belly and talking to baby Clover. She can’t pronounce her V’s that well yet so it always comes out as “baby CloBer” and my heart about bursts each time. Cutest thing ever!


I am loving most things about being pregnant these days, including my growing bump and Clover’s growing movements. The not-so-great parts are the daily heartburn battles and not being able to eat very much. I thought I was going to get to use the pregnancy craving excuse to enjoy late-night ice cream and other yummies, but the cons of heartburn stop those cravings in their tracks. The plus? I’m not overeating or over gaining!

Here’s to 25 weeks!



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