The Pregnancy Files :: 28 Weeks

Dec 27, 2015

28 weeks (12/26/15)/THIRD Trimester/Clover Joy is the size of an eggplant (15 in, 1.7-2.5 lbs)28weeks-7

I am officially in the THIRD trimester! Crazy town! This pregnancy is flying by. We’ll have to see if I think this third trimester flies or drags!

This week I had to do the dreaded gestational diabetes test. Normally this is done by drinking a nasty orange glucola drink packed with 50g of sugar followed by a blood draw 1 hour later. Through some googling, I found out that there was an alternative to the nasty drink…jelly beans! The thing is many doctors/labs won’t allow this. Thankfully my midwives are awesome and were happy to oblige! So instead of choking down a nasty drink and then sitting in the office for an hour, I got to eat 28 jelly beans at home with my family (which Bella was quite excited about!), get my regular check up and then it was time for the blood draw. Much better experience if you ask me! I’m quite the baby when it comes to getting my blood drawn, but my sweet Bella was my little cheerleader. She kept telling me that she was going to help me be brave while I was getting it done. I just love her! They tell me no news is good news so I’m hoping that means I passed the test since I haven’t heard anything yet.


We are getting closer to starting on Clover’s room! I finally decided on the paint color and we plan on painting over this Christmas break. Her nursery is going to be a wildflower/floral theme and I found the most perfect prints from Etsy. When I saw the “Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?” print, I knew I HAD to have this in her room. How perfect for my little wildflower Clover!


Then to top it off, included in the package of prints were these wildflower seeds! The best time to plant them? March! How perfect that we will get to spread these wildflower seeds in March and soon after say hello to our very own wildflower! Be still my poetic heart.


My family spoiled me this Christmas with some great maternity attire and accesories that I couldn’t wait to rock! Bella picked out my new headband and peacock necklace all by herself. This girl knows her mama well. And how cute is this shirt? Life is short, wear sequins!



The Stats:

Total Weight Gain: 11-14 pounds depending on time of day/attire

Symptoms: Occasional heartburn and easily full

Food Faves: Cereal, soup, chocolate

Highlight of the week: Hearing Clover’s heartbeat at my dr appt and getting reassurance that she is measuring and growing right on track.

Looking forward to: Ringing in the new year as a pregger, painting Clover’s room and starting hypnobirthing classes in a couple weeks!



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