The Pregnancy Files :: 32 Weeks

Jan 27, 2016

32 weeks (1/23/16)/Third Trimester/Clover Joy is the size of a jicama (17 in, 3.75 lbs)12552705_1266238746726804_3271486762561012702_n

This week was all about project nursery! With my parents in town, my Dad was able to finish up the remodel of the room with closet flooring, new closet doors and molding throughout. It looks incredible!

IMG_8876With the construction done, we were then able to get to the fun part. Decorating! Bella was so excited to help in anyway she could. IMG_8877IMG_8878IMG_8887IMG_8892

Having my parents here during my pregnancy has been such a blessing! They helped us prepare for Clover’s arrival in ways I never could have on my own. This was definitely one of the most special weeks in the pregnancy thus far!

The Stats:

Total Weight Gain: 19 pounds

Symptoms: LOTS of Clover kicks and movement lately.

Food Faves: I’ve been so picky but I still seem to love yogurt, cereal, and fruit. I’m working on getting my protein thrown in there whenever I can!

Highlight of the week: Spending time with my parents and finishing up Clover’s room.

Looking forward to: More hypnobirthing classes and my second maternity session this Friday!



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