The Pregnancy Files :: 34 Weeks

Feb 12, 2016

34 weeks (02/06/16)/Third Trimester/Clover Joy is the size of a cantaloupe (17-19 in, 4.9 lbs)12647088_1274559965894682_2688505645885493497_n

The Stats:

Weight gain: 20 pounds total

Body/Bump: Clover just keeps growing! It just continues to amaze me how God created our bodies to be able to morph and shift in order for new life to grow. So, so cool.

Fitness/Health: Thankful for having the energy and strength to make it through a TOUGH vinyasa flow class this week!

I also kicked off my #40daysofworship holy yoga instagram challenge. It will certainly be a challenge as it runs from February 10th-March 27th which means I will either be over 40 weeks pregnant by the end OR have just given birth. Either way, I’m going to do my best!


Highlights of the week: I taught my final Holy Yoga class before baby girl arrives. This was bittersweet. I kicked off Beneath the Olive Tree holy yoga on June 9th, just a couple weeks before becoming pregnant with Clover. It has been such a cool season to grow in the pregnancy as God grew this little ministry of mine. I look forward to teaching again after we get settled with Clover.

What I’m looking forward to: Tomorrow is our last hypnobirthing class. I have LOVED every single one!



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