The Pregnancy Files :: 38 Weeks

Mar 11, 2016

38 weeks (03/7/16)/Third Trimester/Clover Joy is the size of a leek (17-19 in, 6 lbs)


It’s hard to believe that I’m already 38 weeks along. Clover could come ANY time now. It still feels surreal. I mean, I feel her moving ALL the time but it’s still hard to believe that there is a real, live human being inside of MY body that will soon be in my arms. Mind blowing stuff!

I have been measuring “small” but my midwife says that’s perfectly normal considering my size. Clover will likely just be a smaller baby which is fine by me. They grow up too fast anyway :).

I have begun all my natural birth-prep remedies. I’m drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea like it’s going out of style, taking my Evening Primrose Oil, eating pineapple and trying to stay active.

Physically, I am feeling good, considering I have a full grown baby inside me! I’m back to enjoying a daily nap when I can since nighttime sleep has been quite interrupted (between the heartburn, sore hips and frequent potty breaks). By the end of the night/end of the week, is when I feel “pregnant” the most. But overall, I have been very happy and proud of my body’s ability to move, function and work out the way it still can this far along.

My biggest “pregnant” symptom this week has been my emotions. I’ve been very even-keeled throughout the pregnancy, but this week I have found that the weepiness has begun. I cry and get emotional without any real reason. It’s strange, but I’m embracing it and letting the tears flow!



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