The Pregnancy Files :: Week 15

Sep 26, 2015

Since I’ve been slacking writing in my pregnancy journal, I figure I should at least document this pregnancy somewhere. Read along if you want to see how things are progressing!

15 weeks/2nd trimester. Baby is the size of an apple


Weight gain: Finally gained my first pregnancy pound!

Clothes: Still fitting into my non-maternity clothes but I did rock a maternity skirt this week just for fun! I have purchased a few fall maternity clothes that I’m looking forward to busting out! PS. The bump was really making an appearance that night.


Body/Bump: So I’ll be honest, I was looking forward to the whole extra growth in the boobage area, but so far no such luck lol! In the morning, my bump is practically non existent but by the end of the night or after a good workout, it really seems to pop out. I know eventually it will just always be there but for now it’s the case of the disappearing/reappearing bump! Energy levels are starting to come back, thank God!

Morning bump vs night bump taken on the same day. Apologies for all the iPhone quality pics!IMG_8256

Sleep: Thankfully the second trimester has given me a bit of relief in the bathroom break department. Now I only wake up once a night to potty and sometimes just sleep straight through the night. Holler!! Supposedly I’m not supposed to sleep on my back anymore so I fall asleep on my side but always wake up on my back. Opps! I can’t help it. It’s just so dang comfy that way!

Movement: Maybe?? Every once in a while I feel a “presence” in there LOL. It’s not big movements rather little sensations that could be the first signs of feeling our little one moving around. It could be digestion. It could be baby. TBD :).

Food cravings/Aversions: I haven’t had any crazy cravings or aversions lately. I have my go-tos like Snyder’s Gluten Free pretzels and wintergreen altoids which help with nausea.

Symptoms: I am still taking an hour nap a few times a week so I know my energy still isn’t quite back to normal. Most of my nausea has gone away…hooray! And overall, I’m starting to feel more like myself again.


Emotions: I am actually quite surprised that I haven’t been more emotional. Now that my irritability has subsided, I feel pretty even-keeled. I did cry this week at MOPS while watching an Operation Christmas Child video, but it was just so powerful! My fears have subsided significantly from the first few weeks, but at times I still struggle with worry about my little love.

Highlights of the week: I have finally been able to get back into a consistent yoga practice again. It feels so great to sweat and be challenged again and I even did some inversions/arm balances this week!

What I’m looking forward to: I can’t wait for our appointment this week where we will get to hear baby’s heartbeat again. 4 weeks in between visits seems to drag on, so I’m glad it’s finally less than a week away! I’m also looking forward to reaching the point where the bump arrives and stays rather than this in-between come and go phase.

Husband update: Joe is still waiting for the moment when this feels more real to him. Since my body and mood haven’t really changed much in his eyes, it’s hard to wrap his mind around the fact that there REALLY is a baby in there. He is looking forward to the bump growing and feeling the first kicks as he has never experienced that before. Exciting stuff ahead!

Overall, we are just overjoyed at how GREAT God is; how He chose to create life through us and how miraculous it really is!




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