The Pregnancy Files :: Weeks 36 + 37

Mar 1, 2016

The weeks are FLYING by now!

36 weeks (02/20/16)/Third Trimester/Clover Joy is the size of a honeydew (17-19 in, 5.4 lbs)
IMG_1069 (1)

Still going strong with yoga, although poses do feel quite different these days! Even still, having an active yoga practice has been so beneficial to my pregnancy and birth-prep. IMG_9179IMG_9211IMG_9228

37 weeks (02/27/16)/Third Trimester/Clover Joy is the size of a swiss chard (17-19 in, 5.4 lbs)IMG_1452 (1)Had my last photo shoot before heading into maternity leave. IMG_9242

Doing my best to stay active all the way up until the birth!IMG_9247

Week 37 has been all about finishing up my work and getting things prepped for baby girl’s arrival! I’m getting all my birth/labor essentials ordered and ready to go. Figuring out what I’ll need during and after labor has been eye-opening. There’s a whole world of postpartum products out there! My amazon orders have been super sexy lately ;).

As of today, we are officially in “baby month”. It’s hard to believe that soon this little wildflower that I feel moving around inside me will be in my arms!



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