The Road to Baby Kokes :: Part 2

Sep 26, 2018

I’ll admit, our 2018 up until this point was crazy busy. We started out the year breaking ground on building The Garage and were full steam ahead from there. We didn’t stop to take a breath, a break or a DATE from January through July. We were tired and we needed to slow down. July was the first time that we allowed ourselves to do so. We took a much-needed family vacation to San Diego. We hadn’t been there since right before I found out I was pregnant with Clover and the trip brought back all sorts of feels. I had a beautiful moment on a secluded beach early in the morning; just me, God and the waves. He reminded me that He is mighty enough to command the waves, yet close enough to hear my heart.

We started to pray about if maybe we were supposed to open ourselves up to either adopt again or pursue infertility treatments. My heart kept telling me that my desire to carry a child wasn’t going away so I decided to call a fertility clinic that I’d heard great things about. Well, apparently so had everyone else because they said they’d put me on a waiting list for 2019! I figured if I had waited this long, I could wait another 6 months if I had to…






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