Thrifting…a picture of Redemption

Jun 28, 2010

I absolutely LOVE thrift store shopping! There is something so exciting about taking something that is no longer useful to someone else and being able to use it for something good. I often times go to thrift stores to find props for shoots and even clothes for myself. Sometimes I like to think about who owned the items before I did, what their story is, and who they were. It definitely makes shopping more affordable and more interesting if you ask me! I wanted to share a couple fun things that I got for an upcoming shoot, but also a video that speaks so deeply to my heart.

Last night at church we watched this video about redemption. It was such a beautiful picture of the way the Lord sees us and redeems us. When others have left us, mistreated us, or see us as nothing, God sees something different. He sees the potential we have in Him. He brings us out of our brokenness, and redeems us for something great. This made me love thrift shopping even more! :)



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