Tired but Inspired

Feb 25, 2011

Joe+I just got back from WPPI late last night. It. was. awesome. We are both extremely tired, but totally inspired. We had the pleasure of meeting some amazing photographers. Together we talked, dreamed and bounced ideas off each other. In doing so, I realized that I often times don’t dream big enough. I cap myself off at something “attainable” and rarely go really big. When I first started Coffee Talk Mondays in January, I talked about how I was working on my 101 in 1001 list. The concept is to complete 101 goals in 1001 days (a little under 3 years). I was having the hardest time even coming up with 101 goals, let alone completing each goal! BUT I realized this week that I don’t want to put myself in a box. I’m going to purposely leave room for 30ish more goals…BIG goals. Throughout this 1001 days, I will continue to add goals to my list and dare to dream big. I have until November 21, 2013. Ready…go!

101 in 1001


1. Shoot a wedding in Hawaii

2. Have a baby

3. Get published on a wedding blog (completed March 2011)

4. Pay off 1 (or more) student loans (completed June 2012)

5. Save down payment for a house

6. Hike the Grand Canyon

7. Engage with photographers often (currently pursuing)

8. Network with other wedding vendors (currently pursuing)

9. Become a preferred wedding photographer at a desired venue (completed May 2011)

10. Blog something personal at least once a week (currently pursuing)

11. Develop a client “date night” package (completed April 2011)

12. Get a promo video done (completed March 2011)

13. Have a neighbor over for dinner

14. Run a 5k

15. Go on an exotic vacation with my hubby

16. Read the Bible daily

17. Start a women’s bible study

18. Launch “for His glory”

19. Start offering photography workshops (completed May 2012)

20. Shoot a wedding in another country

21. Update my website with new photos monthly (currently pursuing)

22. Remodel the three bedrooms (new floors, paint, furniture) (completed February 2011)

23. Remodel the bathrooms (tile the showers, paint, new vanities/mirrors/fixtures)

24. Remodel the kitchen (new countertops and appliances)

25. Remodel the living room (new floors, paint, furniture) (completed March 2012)

26. Get grass in the backyard (completed February 2012)

27. Travel to one of three places (New Zealand/Ireland/Australia)

28. Take a dance class

29. Journal and spend more time with the Lord

30. Read 10 new books just for fun

31. Blog at least 4 times a week

32. Call every family member on their birthday

33. Send out Christmas cards

34. Send out Birthday cards to family

35. Start a new category on my blog

36. Learn to knit

37. Color an entire coloring book

38. Complete a DIY project

39. Design and order OUR wedding album

40. Design and order a sample wedding album for clients (completed June 2011)

41. Take pictures of OUR life more frequently

42. Second shoot for a photographer I look up to

43. Photograph someone I look up to

44. Organize a girls weekend w/ my mom & sisters

45. Hire an intern

46. Get new promo photos done

47. Do something that scares me

48. Take a fun class with Joe

49. Cook a new recipe every month

50. Help out a new photog

51. Reach 1500 fans on Facebook

52. Reach 500 followers on Twitter

53. Get published in a wedding magazine

54. Book 20-25 weddings a year

55. Take a daily vitamin

56. Take probiotics daily

57. Design beautiful packaging for products (completed March 2011)

58. Send clients thank-you cards post-booking AND post-shoot

59. Discover a new music artist weekly/monthly

60. Design referral gifts/incentive

61. Start offering Crazy Booths at weddings

62. Implement same-day edits

63. Complete my 101 list with BIG goals

64. Get published on SMP or GWS

65. Be debt free (other than mortgage)

66. Shoot a wedding in Cali

67. Shoot a wedding in CO

68. Shoot a wedding in a foreign country




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  1. Aly Smets says:

    This is so amazing and I’m so proud of your tenacity! You are amazing! I am so lucky to have such an ambitious and amazing photographer who is only as limited as her dreams! You inspire me every day! :) xo babe!

  2. When you do start a Photography workshop, (and are in WI for a visit) I would LOVE to take part in it!! You hold a great talent, not just photography, but also in speaking God’s Word! Very inspiring! Thanks, Stacy!

  3. Becca says:

    Love these goals, Stacy! :)

  4. Stephanie Barbian says:

    I would love to attend one of your photography workshops in WI!

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