What REALLY happens :: 2011 Behind the Scences/Bloopers

Dec 22, 2011

Want to know see what really happens at an SKP session/wedding? Having a second shooter means that there’s ALWAYS a camera around to catch my weirdness. Good. Bad. And Awesome. It’s all here! I can’t promise that the captions hold any truth, but nonetheless<——- (I like that word). Without further ado…here are the best ‘what happens when we’re not looking’ moments of 2011.

Was I teaching them the moves to “Whip My Hair” or taking their picture?!

Warning: if you are cuddling with your sweetie I may intrude by getting uncomfortably close to you!

See? There I go again!

 No big deal honey….just stand RIGHT behind them while I’m shooting ;)

 For the record hubby, standing directly in FRONT of the couple while I’m shooting them is no better ;).

We like to keep it classy. You know, standing on furniture and such.

 Yes. This is very typical of Joe.

You might be able to play the air guitar, but can you air ‘first dance’? Joe’s the real deal when it comes to air dancing!

Joe likes to practice sprints in between shooting.

 ‘Lean like a photog’. It’s the remix.

 With paparazzi all around, sometimes I need to hide from the camera. You can never be too careful.

No, no. I’m not the girl that sits behind you in your 4th grade class. Don’t let my outfit or size fool you.

 The newest spread for Where’s Waldo: SKP edition

If you’re lucky, I WON’T make this face at you. Or anyone. EVER again.

Enter my signature move: the finger point. Here it looks like it’s being used to intimidate ;)

 Here I’m using it to try to play ‘made you look’. He didn’t fall for it.

Here I’m using it to try to catch a rooster. Update: I did not catch said rooster.

When all else fails, you just need to channel your inner pterodactyl. Just sayin’

Thanks for taking the time to view some of our silliness. I really am so blessed and grateful to be able to call this my job. Thanks to all my amazing 2011 clients. Love you all! xoxo



  1. Jessica King says:

    This cracked me up, I love the ‘lean like a photographer’, someone needs to make that a song, haha :)

  2. I lol’ed many times reading this post…thanks for keeping’ it real! :) :)

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