What Really Happens: 2012 Behind the Scenes/Bloopers

Jan 2, 2013

So you’ve seen the finished product; all my favorite images that grace the blog. But what about what you don’t see? What goes on behind the scenes to get those prized shots? And more importantly, what goes on in between the shooting? I give you the 2012 SKP edition of ‘What Really Happens’: Behind the Scenes/Bloopers.

I like to keep it classy, but I will NOT pass up a bride n’ groom sandwich dance opp :).

“Are you sure it doesn’t look better with me in it?!’ ;)

Sometimes the wedding party is so cool that I pretend to be a part of it…

The  ‘finger point’ of 2011 making it’s way back onto the scene

Warning: I often defy the law of  ‘personal space’

Due to my vertical impairment, the use of tippy toes mixed with ‘the client knee bend’ is a very popular move ;)

Since my second shooter is often times my husband, I often find unnecessary ‘butt shots’ such as this during my culling process.

‘Honey, we’ve been over this. As cute as you are, our clients don’t want you in their engagement photos. F’reals.’

This is what an excited ‘test shot’ looks like.

This is what happens when we’re sick of  doing ‘test shots’.

Just when I think my camera and I are best friends, it goes and hits me in the funny bone!

‘Can you see me now?’

Did I mention that I disregard ‘personal space’?!

Whoever said ‘lying down on the job’ is frowned upon never saw me shoot!

Busting out a ‘post-family formals’ happy dance. All you photogs feel me ;)

Little red light, green light action. Works every time!

Warning: I may lie and/or stand on your bed. But I promise it will be worth it!

Nah, I don’t lift weights. Shooting a ceremony with this bad boy has me covered!

Sometimes I put my brides to work ;)

Lastly, I’ve learned that sometimes you just gotta put your camera down and bust a move with the bride :)

Now you know….this is what REALLY happens! Happy New Year everyone :) xoxo



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    Oh how fun to see the other side! Thanks for sharing!

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