Wyatt&Elise: ENGAGED Sneak Peek <3

Apr 28, 2010

These two are one of the most laid back, fun-loving couples I have ever photographed. They can’t help but have fun together, and I LOVE that! I’d be like “Ok, now try a serious face”…that would last about 2 seconds until Wyatt would do something that would make Elise laugh. But that’s why I love what I do. I have the pleasure of ¬†getting a glimpse into each couples’ unique love story and it’s such a joy when I am able to capture that story through my images. These two kept me smiling, kept me laughing, and brought me so much joy watching them interact with each other. I can not wait to photograph their unique wedding on 3/11/11!!!

I love this first collage. I told them to pretend I’m not there, so Elise proceeded to help Wyatt get something off his face. Priceless :)

Umm, I would say they clean up nicely. Wow you two!!!

Perfect example of Wyatt making Elise laugh. So presh :)

Ahh this one is so much FUN!!



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