Zach+Jody Phx IN CAMERA Workshop

Mar 20, 2012

Wow. wow. WOW! What an amazing few days this has been. I can’t wait to tell you ALL about it.

Back in January, I got one of the SA-weetest emails from Jody Gray saying a. that they would love to bring their IN CAMERA Workshops to Phoenix and b. wanted to know if I would be interested in hosting them. Ummm duh! Of course I would!

And so the planning began.

Three months later, it was finally here. This past Sunday and Monday, we opened up our home to 30 photographers and got our learn on!

It was such an honor to host Zach + Jody and all of our new friends. We’re grateful for the opportunity!

Thursday night we grabbed dinner with these two lovelies right before they spoke at the Phoenix PUG group.

It was a full house that night. And Z+J straight up ROCKED it! (please forgive the crappy Iphone quality)

Peeps were all ears for the lecture portion!

Practicing proper exposure and white balance on me

Out on Day 1 Shooting + Post practicing what we learned

Having some fun!

Check out the set up and the final product



The set up to the final product

Mmmmm…my hubby makes for a sexy model!

I got ‘kokes’ed’ into modeling as well ;)

Workshop complete! We love our sweet friends :). They spoiled us even more with Nashville Starbucks mugs. Sah-weetness!



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  1. Emily says:

    Soooo jealous! Looks like it was a great time and great learning experience!!

  2. Zach n Jody says:

    Love!! Thanks for having us at your Suh Weet home and thanks for bein all around amazing!!

  3. How awesome!!!! And I just LOVE the wall to your tv! AHH!

you said:

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